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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Healthy Seed Potato Production Project (Honduras)
Project Description:

Potato is a staple food in Honduras, and potato production represents the primary livelihood of many of the country’s farmers. However, the country lacks a healthy seed potato production system, forcing farmers to import seed potatoes from Guatemala and other countries further afield. In addition to the high price of such imports, the supply of high-quality seed is unstable, as a result of which domestic production cannot be increased. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Honduras, is attempting to foster the local production of healthy seed potatoes, and disease detection technology and reproduction systems, in order to gradually reduce imports, and thereby reduce production costs and increase local farmers’ yields of fresh potato while also meeting domestic demand.

Following project appraisal, the country’s main challenge was identified as the lack of a domestic seed potato supply system. The core problem is that the agricultural sector has not established a national seed production system, nor does it have the technical capacity for seed disease certification. Given that a seed potato production program has not been developed in Honduras, local farmers must use seed imported from foreign countries, as a result of which producers have boosted direct production costs, since they are not able to guarantee the quality of such seed.

The main content of this project will include:
1.  Establishing a seed potato reproduction center and a healthy seed production and supply station.
2.  Enhancing the skills of technicians, strengthening seed reproduction technology and enhancing the cultivation techniques of seed potato producers and local farmers to form a seed potato reproduction system.
3.  Adjust the seasonal production of seed potatoes through the introduction of trial studies, seed collection groups and management training, raising production to provide a stable supply of 650 tons of seed per quarter.

Implementation Start Date: 2014/11/19
Implementation End Date: 2019/11/18
Approval Amount: USD 5,360,000
Source of Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project Objectives: Establish, within Honduras, a healthy seed potato reproduction system and associated disease detection technologies and systems, gradually reducing volumes of imported seed so as to reduce production costs and raise production of fresh potatoes among local farmers, sufficient to meet domestic consumption needs.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan ICDF
  2. Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (SAG-DICTA), Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock(Honduras)
  3. National Agricultural Health Service (SAG-SENASA), Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock(Honduras)
Implementation Arrangement: The TaiwanICDF will dispatch a project manager and specialists to assist the partner country to implement the project.
Current Progress:

"To the end of March 2017, the following activities have been completed:

In 2014:

1. The cooperating unit, DICTA, formed a project team of 10 people.

In 2015:

1. Held regular monthly meetings to review work plan and control the project’s schedule, for a total of 14 meetings.

2. Completed seed potato production center office and basic repairs of existing roads, premises and laboratory.

3. Provided healthy seed potato professional training to eight Honduran technicians visiting Taiwan over two weeks.

4. Expert was dispatched to Honduras for short-term technical counseling mission for two weeks.

5. Completed 5 rounds of potato seed collection and production training for a total of 170 persons; took part in interviews with local media; signed technical cooperation training contracts with DICTA, local governments and farmers in five locations, selecting four training sites covering a total of 1 hectares; also prepared shoot-inducing reagents for potato seed germination tests and prepared ash and slaked lime (calcium) for potato seed cutting and wound healing experiments. 

6. Completed 7 potato field trial demonstrations for a total of 240 persons, including variety yield trials, cultivation based on local conditions, and fertilizer tests.

7. Selected producers in Marcala, Santa Elena and Cabañas to utilize a triple-grade production system, which is expected to promote seed potato cultivation among a total number of 600 farmers. To date, visited and made a record of 150 households for a total of 600 beneficiaries; the cultivation area is expected to be 69.125 hectares.

In 2016:

1. Held regular monthly meetings to review work plan and control the project’s

  Schedule for a total of 6 meetings.

2. Completed 5 rounds of potato pest control of psyllid and cultivation management workshops for a total of 215 persons.

3. Completed 8 field demonstrations, for a total of 298 persons, include the character’s observation of varieties, the trial of fertilizers and the experiment of low altitude cultivation in the winter season.

4. Completed 8 demonstrations of the potato field cultivation and pest control.

5. Completed the training courses for 4 technicians of potato micro propagation techniques.

6. Completed three 1,080 M2 greenhouses, a 750 m2 greenhouse, eight 1,080 m2 tunnel net houses and a (10 m x 10 m) potato seed storage warehouse.

7. Completed a 600 M2 greenhouse for mass production.

8. One store warehouse (216 M2 not include ventilation) of G2, two units of store warehouse (814 M2, including ventilation equipment) of G3 has completed the design information into the tendering procedures.

9. Three units of 1080 M2, four units of 1,080 M2, total 7,290M2 greenhouse of G2; three 1,260M2, a 1,386M2,a 1,512M2 and eleven 2,520M2, total 34,398 M2 of tunnel net houses are conducting tendering procedures.

10. Dispatched two experts from Taiwan for training courses of healthy seed potato Production and diseases detection on 18~28 June in Honduras.

11. Completed 1 rounds of potato pathological examination training in Honduras SENASA State Quarantine.

12. Completed Honduran National Potato Seminar on 1~2 Dec.

13. Dispatched three technicians to participate the training courses of potato virus diagnostic laboratory (DAS-ELISA, PCR and RT-PCR) and quality seed production (recognition of symptoms, management and control of pests and diseases) in CIP, Peru.

14. Propagated 2,931 bottles of two mass production varieties of Puren and Pukara , the number of seedling are 39,150 plants and have begun transplanted 16,050 plants to the G1 Greenhouse.

15. Continue to contact with CIP in introducing new variety of potato to Honduras.


In 2016:

1.      Each month held a meeting work for review and supervision works, totally about 3 times for this year.

2.      Counseling our technical for establish potato demonstration field within low altitude and variety identification, totally about 2 locations.

3.      Completed 1 field demonstrations about low altitude production of potato seeds with visitors 30 persons.

4.      Production of potato tissue culture 875 bottles and 10,200 plants transplanted.

5.      Production of basic health potato seed 1.317 tones.

6.      Introduction and establish 5 verity Puren, Pukara, Newen, Tollocan and ICTA fruit and introduce 35 lines breeding from CIP-Peru(International Potato Centro) for investigation.

7.      Completed Honduran National Potato Seminar in the 17 and 18 of March.

Project Contact: YU-CHI CHEN
Phone: 886-2-28732323 Ext.208
E-mail: yc.chen@icdf.org.tw
Signing Date: 2014/11/19
Status: Under Implementation
Total Cost: USD 5,360,000
Grant Amount: USD 3,670,000
Projected Benefits:

It is expected that the project will:

  1. Establish a healthy seed production center.
  2. Provide capacity building and guidance in seed potato production for technical personnel, including for 10 member technicians (including a project coordinator) in the operation and management of the seed potato reproduction center, and in seed propagation techniques; and provide guidance on seed potato production to at least 130 qualified farmers.
  3. Strengthen healthy potato seed production and implement a three-grade propagation system, yielding a stable supply of 650 tons of seed per quarter.
Cooperating Stakeholders: Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (SAG-DICTA)
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Central America, Honduras
Project status: Projects under implementation
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