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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Urban Landscaping Design and Beautification Cooperative Project (Bahrain)
Project Description:

In developing its “Vision 2030” for economic development, the government of Bahrain has placed an emphasis on policy objectives of great concern to the country’s future economic development and to people’s livelihoods, such as sustainable land development, environmentally sustainable development, and energy saving and carbon reduction. The Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning lacks sufficient numbers of engineering-related project design experts, however, so the Taiwanese government has assigned consultants to implement this project, which will assist Bahrain in improving its environment and urban road landscaping, and in enhancing green cover and the quality of the environment in project-designated areas, in line with the country’s vision for national sustainable development.

Overall, the project will:

  1. Conduct landscaping design for specific roundabouts and traffic islands as designated by Bahraini authorities.
  2. Assist in reviewing the landscaping design and beautification of spaces commissioned by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.
  3. Assist the Bahraini public sector in promoting communal living environments and providing landscape design services.
  4. Develop interaction and exchange between Bahrain and Taiwan in landscape design and environmental greening techniques.

Urban Landscaping Design and Greening and Beautification Cooperative Project (Bahrain)

Implementation Start Date: 2011/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2014/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Select 2-4 major roads for which the environment could be improved and green an area of 15 hectares; provide suggestions and consult on road landscaping and beautification.
  2. Propose strategies for urban renewal and redevelopment; participate in the design of 2-4 projects involving urban construction and development.
  3. Assist the Bahraini government to improve and promote landscape design services.
  4. Organize workshops for landscape designers and transfer technical skills by promoting the exchange of experiences.
Executing Agency: Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Current Progress:

To the end of December 2014, the following activities have been completed:

In 2011:

  1. Completed design changes, deliberations, detail plans and budgets for the Al-Esteglal Highway Median Divider Island Greening and Beautification Project.
  2. Completed two design proposals for urban renewal and redevelopment in urban areas.
  3. Completed designs for 2011 exhibitions in the municipal and agricultural sectors and participated in preparatory work.

In 2012:

  1. Assisted Bahrain in completing three design project presentations, tracking modifications to the specifications of one road landscaping design, completing one proposal and coordinating one construction contract, and participated in one design investigation meeting.
  2. Completed two design proposals for urban renewal and redevelopment in urban areas.
  3. Completed the redevelopment of the municipal department’s Manama office and updated design recommendations, including proposals discussed, project appraisals, amendments considered, and the handover of drawing and maps that had been discussed.

In 2013:

  1. Completed planning and design specifications for zoning at the Bahrain flower park.
  2. Consulted on the design of various urban construction works and participated in project deliberations and appraisal.

In 2014:

  1. Completed work with the CMSD to supervise two landscaping construction engineering programs: firstly, the Isa Town Gate & Interchange Area Beautification Project (landscaping area about 6 hectares); and secondly, the Hamad Town Interchange 3 & 4 Beautification Project (Total length about 8 kilometers).
  2. Assisted the CMSD to follow up and manage two beautification design projects; completed the redesign of the Al Estiqlal Highway Medium Landscaping Project (total length about 1.4 kilometers), and reviewed the 16th December Highway Landscaping Design and Beautification Project plan.
  3. Implemented the Hamad Town Interchange 3 & 4 Junction and Corners Area Landscaping Design Program; completed landscaping design of two junctions and eight street corners (total length about 5.2 kilometers).                                                                                                                                             
  4. Accomplished a new highway median strip landscaping desighn proposal in the King Faisal highway beautification construction usage, total length about 2.55 kilometers, landscaping area total about 7.8 hectares.
  5. Designed a large greenhouse (glass dome, 1.2 hactares) in Budaiya Botanical Garden for the purposes of germplasm preservation and planting demonstration; the preliminary configuration has been provided to an agriculture director for reference. To cooperate with the CMSD’s urban design department, participated in the Water Garden renewal and beautification plan, providing planning consultation, discussing design elements of the botanical garden design and proposing preliminary ideas.
  6. Attended the beautification project’s work meetings with CMSD’s construction department every Tuesday; oversaw outside supervision and tracked progress so as to assist the contractor to solve any design problems.

Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Projected Benefits:
  1. Improve the landscape and green the urban environment through road beatification measures.
  2. Promote landscaping and beautification in special urban areas to improve the competitiveness of such areas.
  3. Provide assistance toward the design and preparation of an international exhibition and float parade, and improve the environment surrounding public departments.
  4. Upgrade and transfer technologies associated with urban beautification.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Cooperating Country: Middle East, Bahrain
Themes: Environmental Protection, Agriculture
Project status: Completed projects
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