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International Education and Training
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International Education and Training

Project Name: TaiwanICDF Scholarship Program in Mongolia
Project Description: One thousand first- to fifth-grade Mongolian students from low-income families in primary schools will be provided with study materials including stationery and school supplies, clothes, books and hygiene items.

TaiwanICDF Scholarship Program in Mongolia

Project Objectives: To prevent students from low-income families in Reduce absenteeism and drop-out rates among primary-level students from low-income families and promote learning opportunities and academic performance.
Executing Agency: World Vision in Mongolia
Implementation Arrangement: Funding for the project is provided by the TaiwanICDF. The Mongolian Education, Culture and Science recommends 300 students for receipt of funding; the Taipei Trade and Economic Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar recommends 700. World Vision in Mongolia is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of applicants, identifying the needs of beneficiaries and purchasing and delivering goods.
Current Progress:
completed(June, 2011)
Project Type: Technical Assistance—Scholarship
Projected Benefits: Primary education is the foundation for development and competitiveness at an individual and nation level. This program will have a positive influence in the lives of Mongolian children by investing in their education and limiting the social factors that cause children to drop out of primary education.
Cooperating Stakeholders: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Mongolia)
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Education
Cooperating Country: West and Central Asia, Mongolia
Project status: Completed projects
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