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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Vocational Training Project (Marshall Islands)
Project Description: The project will improve socioeconomic conditions and increase employment and income-generating opportunities among Marshallese citizens, supporting those seeking to participate in the Guam Build-Up Project, which involves the relocation of a U.S. military base, or those looking to meet the demands of the local job market. The government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (ROC) agreed that the TaiwanICDF would cooperate with the RMI’s National Training Council (NTC), Ministry of Public Works and the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) on this ROC-RMI Vocational Training Project (also known locally as “Jitok kapeel”), from July 2010.

The project consists of three six-month training cycles in the fields of automotive mechanics, and plumbing and electrical serving and installation, provided through a combination of classroom- and workshop-based training and internships. Training courses aim to provide participants with trade-based skills and certification based on Taiwan’s Class C Technician Certificate as a “standard,” emphasizing the need to enhance students’ hands-on technical abilities. Distinct training models have been developed for each discipline so as to promote such technical abilities in students, and to assist Marshallese job training organizations to build capacity.

Implementation Start Date: 2010/7/27
Implementation End Date: 2012/1/10
Executing Agency: 1. TaiwanICDF

2. National training Council(NTC), Republic of Marshall Islands

3. Ministry of Public Works(PW), Republic of Marshall Islands

4. College of the Marshall Islands(CMI), Republic of Marshall Islands

Project Performance: the ROC-RMI Vocational Training Project provided training in two trades – automotive mechanics, and plumbing and electrical serving and installation – over three training cycles, with each cycle offering six months (900 hours) of tuition. The project supported the successful training 151 young Marshallese men. Some graduates have since had the opportunity to meet with employers and/or find employment in Hawaii and Guam, or within the local job market in the Marshall Islands.

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Project Year: 2010
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Marshall Islands
Themes: Education
Project status: Completed projects
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