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Kingdom of Eswatini
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Kingdom of Eswatini

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Access to Potable Water in Rural (Swaziland)
Project Description:

Through cooperate with Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, the project will:

  1. Drill wells and install hand pumps at 80 sites in rural areas of Swaziland.
  2. Assign and train a water minder to manage each well.
  3. Promote awareness of the benefits of potable water among local communities at each site.

Access to Potable Water in Rural Swaziland

Implementation Start Date: 2009/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2011/12/30
Project Objectives:
  1. Provide safe, clean water for people living in rural areas of Swaziland;
  2. Demonstrate the long-term friendship between the people and governments of Taiwan and Swaziland;
  3. Advocate one of three major issues for the African region from the 16th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.
Executing Agency:
  1. TaiwanICDF
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Swaziland
Project Performance:
  1. The construction of 80 wells in rural areas of Swaziland has provided more than 15,000 people with access to potable water.
  2. Water minders have been assigned and trained to manage each well.
  3. Local communities are aware that potable water can help to reduce diseases and infections such as diarrhea or cholera.
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Water Supply and Sanitation
Cooperating Country: Africa, Eswatini
Project status: Completed projects
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