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St. Lucia
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St. Lucia

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project (St. Lucia)
Project Description: St. Lucia’s primary economic activities focus on its tourist and service industries. Industrial development depends on strengthening links by and between government ministries, but for the most part these ministries communicate with each other through paper-based documents. This approach impedes operating speed, and is prone to error and difficult to manage, directly impacting the effectiveness of government policy. As such, through this project the government hopes to draw on Taiwan’s experience of e-government to build an electronic document system and thereby improve the efficiency of its operations.
Project appraisal found that the main challenge to enhancing government efficiency is the limited extent of government workflow being carried out by electronic means. The causes of this are a lack of standardization and systematization of public document storage systems and exchange mechanisms, which impacts upon the integration of opinions between ministries. In addition, the country does not presently maintain any standards in terms of public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication mechanisms or electronic signatures, so there is no way of ensuring information security. This hinders the development of digital public services.
In assisting St Lucia to improve the efficiency of public administration, the main components of this project will include: (1)establishing electronic document production, exchange and file management subsystems; (2)through systems analysis, developing government processes and standard operating procedures associated with the production and use of electronic documents; and (3)improving the systems management, maintenance and operational capacity of ICT-related personnel in St. Lucia.
Specific project work components will include: (1)introducing an electronic document system and establishing document formatting and metadata standards; (2)assisting the St. Lucian government to convert processes involving paperwork into electronic processes and to integrate document exchange between ministries; (3)developing the policies and norms underpinning the processing of electronic documents; and (4)designing ICT training courses that meet St. Lucia’s needs by building officials’ planning capacity and technicians’ system maintenance and operations capacity.
Region: Caribbean
Implementation Start Date: 2013/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2016/12/31
Project Objectives: Use Taiwan’s advantages in ICT and successful experiences of developing electronic document systems to assist the government of Saint Lucia to build an electronic document (e-document) system.
Executing Agency: TaiwanICDF National Information Communication and Technology Office, Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting,(St. Lucia)
Project Performance: 1.Completed assisting with St. Luica ICT center certified by ISO 27001.
2.Completed developing e-document processing policies, practices and processing standards.
3.Completed establishing a standard format for e-documents.
4.Completed establishing an e-document production subsystem, an e-document exchange subsystem and an electronic archiving subsystem.
5.Completed training ICT personnel and promote the use of e-documents among relevant government departments.
6.Completed establishing a PKI (public key infrastructure) electronic signature mechanism and the relevant legal norms, and assist agencies in applying for and acquiring top-level security certificates.
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Communications/ICT
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, St. Lucia
Project status: Completed projects
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