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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project (Belize)
Project Description: Trade is flourishing in Belize. The government of Belize plans to use ICT to control and monitor the import and export of goods, and to stabilize the local market, further promoting trade facilitation. In 2013, Taiwan and Belize joined forces on the BELAPS (Belize Electronic Licenses and Permits System) project designed to digitalize and integrate the import and export licensing services provided by various government departments. These departments include Fisheries Department, Forestry Department, the Belize Bureau of Standards, the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. Meanwhile, this project also focuses on the online payment and enhances the connection with Belize's own Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA). Once fully online in 2017, the BELAPS system will be able to provide Belizean citizens and businesses with a one-stop online service, and thereby reduce the time and fees involved in processing the relevant licenses.

To watch video of this product made by the TaiwanICDF : TaiwanICDF ICT Project in Belize User Story:Rainforest Seafoods


Implementation Start Date: 2013/8/1
Implementation End Date: 2017/12/31
Project Objectives: 1.Assist the Belizean government to develop an online licensing service, encompassing six trade-related departments: the Forestry Department, Fisheries Department, Belize Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Agriculture, Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), and the Customs and Excise Department.
2.Assist in developing an online payment mechanism.
3.Assist in optimizing network deployment and provide an online application for the public.
4.Assist with information encryption for the online licensing system.
5.Provide teacher training courses.
6.Conduct system promotion.
Executing Agency: 1.TaiwanICDF
2.Central Information Technology Office (CITO), Ministry of Finance, the Government of Belize
Project Performance: 1.Completed process integration and informatization in the Belize departments responsible for import and export.
2.Completed Belize Electronic Licenses and Permits System.
Project Contact: I-Ying Kuo
Phone: 886-2-2873-2323 Ext. 222
E-mail: ingrid.kuo@icdf.org.tw
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Communications/ICT
Cooperating Country: Central America, Belize
Project status: Completed projects
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