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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Feed Production Project (Paraguay)
Project Description:

Animal husbandry is one of the main industries in Paraguay, involving not only large-scale breeders, but also many small- and medium-scale breeders. As such, demand for animal feed within Paraguay is substantial. Currently, Paraguay has 15 private feed production facilities producing feed for a range of animals, including livestock, fish and poultry. Due to the fact that feed prices are relatively high and of limited availability, only the demands of large-scale breeders are met, which has led to the reduced availability of reasonably priced feed for small- and medium-scale breeders. These smaller-scale breeders are thus only able to use unprocessed crops and low-grade material for feeding their animals, which causes their production quality to suffer and creates a vicious cycle. The Paraguayan government has subsequently requested the TaiwanICDF’s assistance in providing the National University of Asuncion with the capacity to produce animal feed, so that reasonably priced feed can be sold to small-scale breeders and improve such farmers’ livelihoods.

Overall, this project will:

  1. Assist the Paraguayan Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in constructing a feed factory with a production capacity of 3 tons/hour, to be located at the National Asunción University. The factory will produce inexpensive feed, as well as act as a base for further research and development.
  2. Increase the National Asunción University’s feed formula research and development capacity, primarily focusing on poultry and porcine feeds, and improving the nutrition, quality and production costs of such feeds over time.
  3. Provide training for Paraguayan personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, establishing the capacity to manage and operate feed production factories.
  4. Cooperate on promotion work with personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s experimental farms and those at the experimental farm at the National Asunción University’s School of Veterinary Sciences; assist small- and medium-scale breeders in acquiring inexpensive feed, increasing feed production and revenue.

Implementation Start Date: 2013/4/1
Implementation End Date: 2017/12/31
Project Objectives: Establish a feed factory that can produce 3 tons of feed per hour in order to produce feed for hogs and chickens, and improve the quality and nutritional content of such feed while also reducing production costs. This project will also provide assistance to small- and medium-sized farmers and livestock farms affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s training schools and the university to obtain feeds at a reasonable price, raising production capacity and increasing their incomes.
Executing Agency:
  1. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Paraguay)
  2. School of Veterinary Sciences, National Asunción University, (Paraguay)
  3. TaiwanICDF 
Current Progress:

To the end of June 2017,  the following activities have been completed:

In 2013:
Completed preparatory work such as the opening of project accounts and the installation of an office phone line, internet connection, electricity and water supplies.

  1. Completed construction site preparation such as land measurements, surface clearing and a geological survey.
  2. Completed documentation such as the factory blueprints and bidding regulations, and carried out an open bid for the construction project.
  3. Consulted with related agencies and collected data regarding animal feed and raw materials in Paraguay.
  4. Hosted an educational seminar and an on-site visit for supporting personnel.

  In 2014:

  1. Completed construction of one feed factory building.
  2. Completion of the purchasing and contracting for the animal feed factory machinery.
  3. Dispatch specialist from Taiwan to Paraguay. Organize animal feed preparation technique seminar to establish Paraguayan personnel project competency

In 2015

  1. Purchased 400 metric tons of corn, 100 metric tons of soy bean and other necessary vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as feed production raw ingredients. Produced 10,043.40 kg of experimental pig and chicken feed.
  2. The machinery installation for the Feed Production Project factory has been completed. Currently producing various pig and chicken feed formulae while experimenting with different feeds. Composition of Manual for Feed Factory Machinery Operation and Maintenance has been completed.
  3. Printing of 35 volumes of Spanish teaching material and finished preparation of other necessary material. The arrival of Taiwanese experts for the seminar on “Paraguayan personnel Management Capacity Improvement Workshop” has been conducted during October 5th to October 15th of 2015.
  4. Established 20 promotional extension farms and begun training. Printing of 500 copies of the colored Manual for Promotion of Pig Breeding.

In 2016

  1. Complete four kinds of formula feeding trials, for nursing pig, growing pig and finishing pig feed. Experimentation on one type of feed for finishing pig, sow pig, calf and dairy cow each continued.
  2. Cumulative production feed 2,790,105 kg.
  3. Manuals for Feed Shipment Management, Feed Production Flow, Sales and other operation procedures has been produced. Purchasing, procurement, establish clientele information and accounting operational norms have been established.
  4. A total of seven training courses were held on the topics of financial management, production management, marketing management, feed machinery maintenance, firefighting training and pest control respectively.
  5. The feed production factory has passed all inceptions by the Paraguayan government and obtained feed factory production license and registration. The produced feed has passed product inspections, obtained product registrations, and feed factory trademark.
  6. The client database for 75 clients has been established. A total of 11 conferences and 22 on-site training sessions has been completed.

In 2017

  1. Reached consensus with Paraguay Asuncion University of Veterinary College for the feed factory of University operating program and working period, in order to perform project transfer and to ensure the sustainability of the feed factory business.
  2. The pig feed products from the feed factory project, passed Paraguay SENACSA (Servicio Nacional de Calidad y Salud Animal) assessment, and was issued a 10-year pig feed production license on March 20 2017. And on May 2, 2017 received SENACSA of the dairy cow feed and Weaning bovine feed and other products cattle feed formula production license (valid April 21 2017 a year).
  3. Matched the Asuncion Veterinary College and the manufacturer NutrOeste to sign a production and marketing cooperation contract; and reached a feed production agency agreement with the manufacturer La Molienda And manufacturer BM TRADING S.A. (LEVA FEED) and manufacturer Lucio Benitez.
  4. Cumulative production feed of 1,084,966kg, from January to June 2017.
  5. Accumulate established 102 customer database.
  6. The proposed transferred assets and items are in good condition have been verified and confirmed in March, and the draft of the inventory list was submitted in accordance with the regulation.
Project Contact: Mai Yu-Wei
Phone: 886-2-28732323 Ext. 209
E-mail: w.y.mai@icdg.org.tw
Signing Date: 2013/3/8
Projected Benefits:
  1. Establish a factory that can produce 3 tons of feeds per hour and sell 20 tons of hog and chicken feeds per working day.
  2. Assist the National Asunción University in developing three hog feed formulas and four chicken feed formulas.
  3. Provide consultancy services to 20 small-size hog farms.
  4. Enhance partners’ operational management capacity and strengthen capacity building.
Cooperating Stakeholders: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Republic of Paraguay)
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: South America, Paraguay
Project status: Completed projects
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