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Humanitarian Assistance

Project Name: Emergency Cholera Prevention and Response for Vulnerable Households Affected by Hurricane Sandy(Haiti)
Project Description:

Hurricane Sandy crossed over the Island of Hispaniola, Haiti on 23 October 2012 resulting in 3 consecutive days of rainfall, causing severe flooding in the country. The United Nations reported that approximately 1.8 million people were affected by the Hurricane.

Since Hurricane Sandy, there has been an increased number of cholera cases reported, with the Government having a limited response capacity to respond. Between 28 October and 8 November 2012 3,593 new cases of cholera were recorded . Health facilities have a limited capacity to respond with 22 cholera treatment facilities destroyed in the South, South East, Grand’Anse and West Departments. Further, there was damage to WASH infrastructures across the country increasing the risk to cholera and waterborne diseases. 30 water supply systems were damaged.

In order to respond to the recent upsurge of cholera cases and to mitigate against the potential increase in the number of cholera and waterborne disease cases, World Vision Haiti proposes to provide Hurricane Sandy affected highly vulnerable populations with hygiene promotion, pre-positioned cholera supplies, establish Oral Rehydration Points (ORPs) and distribute water purification means. Throughout the implementation of this project, World Vision will continue to work closely with the Haitian authorities, and in particular with the Direction Sanitaire du Centre, the MSPP, OREPA Centre, hospitals and local authorities (mayors, CASEC). World Vision will also work closely with WHO (World Health Organization) and PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization); it will continue to coordinate with the organization Zanmi la Sante at the field level; and it will continue to attend cluster meetings to share information, best practices and lessons learned with other organizations active in the Cholera response at the national level.

Implementation Start Date: 2013/2/1
Implementation End Date: 2013/9/30
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF
Project Objectives: To contribute towards cholera prevention efforts as a result of the Hurricane Sandy affected populations
Executing Agency: World Vision International, Haiti
Implementation Arrangement:

Addressing cholera involves a mix of preventative and curative measures, including a provision of potable water and adequate sanitation facilities, improving cholera prevention and hygiene practices, treatment of infected people, and management of medical waste. In line with the MSPP (Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population aka Ministry of Public Health and Population) and DINEPA (Direction Nationale de l'Eau Potable et de l'Assainissement aka National Directorate for Potable Water and Sanitation) strategies, World Vision Haiti proposes to utilize a preventative and curative method to combat cholera.

  1. Preventative:
    1. Reproduce and distribute IEC materials for cholera prevention. This will be done through hygiene promotion and awareness raising activities in camps, communities, mothers clubs and schools.
    2. Distribute water treatment products such as cholera HTH, aquatabs/aquanet, PUR.
  2. Curative:
    1. Distribute ORS in areas where World Vision are operational: Distribute ORS and sensitize communities on how to produce Oral Rehydration Solutions.
    2. Distribution of antibiotics for children and adults which will be carried out in collaboration with communities and individuals who have evaluated the needs of the affected population.

Through these proposed interventions, the project aims to reach at least 220,000 direct beneficiaires. Running costs for the project will be covered by private funding received by World Vision Haiti.

Project Performance: Men, women, boys and girls are better equipped to face a potential cholera epidemic through access to knowledge and preventative goods.
Men, women, girls and boys affected by cholera have access to appropriate curative services.
Project Type: Grant
Approval Date: 2013/1/8
Cooperating Stakeholders: World Vision International, Haiti
Cooperating Country: Haiti
Themes: Public Health
Project status: Completed projects
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