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Education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability especially when consistency of human resources quality acts a significant role to social economic development and national competitiveness.

The TaiwanICDF has, for years, been providing partner countries with human resources capacity building, including higher education scholarships and training workshops for nurturing talents and professionals.

In response to the demands for talents from partner countries, the International Higher Education Scholarship Program has been collaborating with 21 higher education institutes in Taiwan, also known as Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA), to provide applicants who intend to pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees with full scholarships since 1998. Apart from multiple benefits, the recipients are also highly encouraged to engage in intercultural communication and foster exchange with local networks as part of university social responsibility (USR). Most of the TaiwanICDF scholarship graduates go on to become active members of the international community and contributors to global cooperation.

Initiated in 1996, the International Human Resources Development Workshop Program has supported the development of human resources in partner countries based on Taiwan's strengths and social and economic development experience and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sixteen professional workshops are conducted for nearly 400 attendees per year, including individuals of government agencies, high-ranking officials and NGO workers from our developing partner countries. The program aims to elevate the internationalization of education, enhance public-private-partnership (PPP), encourage involvement of citizens in foreign aid and promote industrial products. The participants are expected to boost both individual and organizational efficiency upon their return to their home countries.

Both education and talent cultivation are fundamental to national development as well as to economic growth, and vocational training is an indispensable component. In the age of pursuing knowledge economy, insufficient human resource capacity and innovation are the worldwide challenges. The emerging countries, particularly at the time of seeking out industrial transformation, are expected to lift workforce productivity through capacity building. To echo our partner countries’ needs, the TaiwanICDF initiated various vocational training projects. Apart from traditional manufacturing, the projects also cover the travel industry. The training introduces not only theory and hands-on practice but also know-how related to micro start-up, funding and operation, as well as management-related case studies with visits to successful micro-enterprises in Taiwan, so that participants could learn about modern entrepreneurship practices in the business sector. Many of the participants have spoken about how the training has greatly helped them in terms of personal skills enhancement and application to industry in their home countries.

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