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Total15list items
No. Project Name Project status
1 Honduras Forest Pest Management Project Projects under implementation
2 Honduras Pig Breeding and Reproduction Project Projects under implementation
3 Honduras Expanding Avocado Seedling Production Project Projects under implementation
4 Honduras Expanding Avocado Cultivation Project Projects under implementation
5 Taiwan Youth Overseas Service Projects under implementation
6 Healthy Seed Potato Production Project (Honduras) Completed projects
7 Healthy Avocado Seedling Production Project in Honduras Completed projects
8 Strengthening the Control of Huanglongbing (HLB) and the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Citrus Project (Regional) Completed projects
9 Fonseca Net Cage Aquaculture Project, Honduras Completed projects
10 Aquaculture Project (Honduras) Completed projects
11 Marketing Project (Honduras) Completed projects
12 Agricultural Production Project (Honduras) Completed projects
13 Swine Breeding Project (Honduras) Completed projects
14 One Town, One Product Project (Honduras) Completed projects
15 Capability Enhancement in Using Geographic Information Systems in Central America—Honduras Completed projects
Total15list items