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Dominican Organic Guavas Certified for EU, Canadian Markets

Source: Diario Libre

Publication date: 2011/06/24

Mission: Taiwan Industry Service Mission in the Dominican Republic

An agricultural production and export project established by the TaiwanICDF will soon see European and Canadian markets open their doors to imports of organic guavas from the Dominican Republic.

Certification for the fruit, a first for the Dominican Republic, was achieved following cooperation between the TaiwanICDF’s resident Taiwan Technical Mission and the Dominican Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Research (Instituto Dominicano de Investigaciones Agropecuarias y Forestales, IDIAF). Guavas cultivated through the project were recently assessed by IMO, a Switzerland-based certification body, and passed the requirements for EC regulations 834/2007 and CE889/2008, which relate to the import of fruits into the region.

The Taiwan Technical Mission and the IDIAF have been cultivating organic guavas since May 2009, when a 1.25-hectare orchard was planted at the IDIAF’s Azua Experimental Station. Varieties of the fruit grown to date include Crystal, Pearl and Thailand.

Although the majority of guavas harvested will continue to be consumed locally for the time being, the Taiwan Technical Mission and the IDIAF have now established a program to promote guava extension among new groups of producers in and around Azua. The two organizations hope to raise yields of the fruit and ensure that a steady supply is soon available for export to the EU and Canada.

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