Inter-regional Projects

Project Name: 2019 Healthcare Personnel Training Program
Project Description: The program provides medical personnel from partner countries with one to three months of on-the-job training, enhancing their knowledge and experience, and thereby improving the quality of health care in partner countries.

Implementation Start Date: 2019/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/31
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF and training institutions (both responsible for lecturer and accommodation expenses during the training period; however, training institutions’ expenses are not included in the project “approval amount.”)
Implementation Arrangement: Trainees will be distributed to the allied hospitals and institutions to get clinical or on-site training, exchange professional skills and experience culture differences.
Current Progress: At the end of April 2019, 7 trainees from 5 countries trained in 4 cooperating training institutions.
Project Performance: The program provides effective training and improves trainees’ health care-related abilities.
Project Manager: Emmanuel Chang
Phone: 886-2-28732323 ext.308
E-mail: c.l.chang@icdf.org.tw
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Health
Cooperating Country: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central America
Project status: Projects under implementation
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