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TaiwanICDF Youth Overseas Servicemen participate in Nicaragua World Earth Day Expo

TaiwanICDF Youth Overseas Servicemen participate in Nicaragua World Earth Day Expo

The project staff and youth overseas servicemen in Nicaragua of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) participated in World Earth Day Expo organized by the Government of Nicaragua in the capital city Managua from April 21 to 22. They showcased the results of the cooperation projects between Taiwan and Nicaragua on posters at the expo, and interacted with people through a prize-winning quiz activity.

In conjunction with this year's theme of the expo, "Water resources protection and human development", members of the TaiwanICDF designed their exhibition layout with sustainable agriculture as the topic to promote important concepts such as the effective use of water resources, a friendly environment and community economic development. The questions of the quiz were all related to the TaiwanICDF’s projects in Nicaragua. People who answered correctly got a bamboo key ring carved with their Chinese translated name. The exhibition attracted enthusiastic participation from a large number of people, while greatly enhancing the effective promotion of the cooperation projects and Taiwan.

The main people attending the exhibition were four servicemen: Po-Hung Chen, Ti Lee, Hung-Yu Chang, and Hung-Yi Huang. They started learning Spanish only after joining the youth overseas service and were able to assist with the cooperation projects in Nicaragua after just a few months. While preparing for the exhibition, the four men demonstrated their ambition to work together on writing and translating the posters, while at the same time preparing questions for the quiz and gifts themed on the Rice Seed Research, Development and Production Extension Project, Bamboo Cultivation and Handicraft Production Efficiency Enhancement Project and Common Bean Research, Development and Production Extension Project. During the exhibition, they were responsible for explaining the contents of the projects and related issues to the public, and for assisting in the carving of key rings on site.

Hung-Yi Huang said that being familiar with the content of the project in order to promote it was a challenge, as was promoting it in Spanish. He had never learned Spanish before joining the youth overseas service and the applause he received after using Spanish to explain the project gave him a great sense of accomplishment. Through this event, Hung-Yu Chang learned that the more progressive the country, the greater the responsibility for caring for the earth, which is not just a slogan, but a necessary action. Po-Hung Chen and Ti Lee have made many local friends through the exhibition, and feel that holding and participating in Earth Day activities is of great significance.

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  • Date:2017/5/25