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Training program underway for 17th group from Taiwan Youth Overseas Service

Training program underway for 17th group from Taiwan Youth Overseas Service

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) is holding a training program for draftees of the17th group from Taiwan Youth Overseas Service from September 11 to October 6, 2017 at the Chientan Youth Activity Center in Taipei. After completion of the four-week professional training program, this group of 86 servicemen will be dispatched to 20 allied countries to assist in Taiwan’s technical and medical projects in mid-October this year.

The 17th group of servicemen have been chosen for their different specialties, including agronomy, horticulture, hydraulic engineering, aquaculture, livestock, nutrition, information management, business management, information engineering, telecommunications, and medicine. The training will prepare the draftees for their service with courses including language (English, French or Spanish) and some basic knowledge of cross-cultural communication, international cooperation projects and models, modules of international affairs such as Taiwan’s current diplomatic situation, policies of diplomatic relations, and international etiquette. In addition, the TaiwanICDF also planned courses in disease prevention, cooking and self-defense to improve their self-care capabilities.

Although the number of servicemen in Taiwan has decreased with the change in military service policy, the results of overseas service have received widespread recognition. Every year, a great number of qualified youths apply for the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service. To date, 101 servicemen have returned from their posts and joined the TaiwanICDF’s team and become critical talents for implementing cooperation projects overseas.

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  • Date:2017/9/21