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Ready to go! Taiwan Youth Overseas Service dispatched to partner countries

Ready to go! Taiwan Youth Overseas Service dispatched to partner countries

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) held the closing ceremony of the training for the 17th group of servicemen from the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service at Chientan Youth Activity Center in Taipei on October 06, 2018. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary General D. L. Liu presided over the ceremony and presented a serviceman with the national flag to encourage the draftees. The event was attended by Secretary General of the TaiwanICDF, Amb. Timothy T.Y. Hsiang, and the representative of Department of International Cooperation and Economic Affairs of MOFA. A total of 86 servicemen with 24 specialties including agronomy, horticulture, aquaculture, livestock, public health and medicine, nutrition, industrial design, Spanish, human resources management and medical care, will join Taiwan’s technical cooperation projects in 20 countries in early November this year.

After completion of the basic training for two weeks at Cheng Kung Ling hill, the servicemen improved their foreign language skills English, French and Spanish) and learned about international etiquette, disease prevention, cooking and self-defense. A further four weeks of intensive training in foreign language communication and self-care ability will help prepare the conscripts for their 10-month overseas service. X.S. Tsai, who will be dispatched to Burkina Faso majored in law at National Taiwan University and speaks French. He was a little worried about being sent to Burkina Faso. However, after understanding the local society and culture of the country and further improving his French, he feels more confident about his upcoming service. H.C. Guan and other servicemen, who have medical information expertise and will be dispatched to Kiribati, under the special arrangement of the TaiwanICDF and Mackay Memorial Hospital, and doctor S.X. Wang, who recently returned to Taiwan from the Kiribati service. After the discussion and exchange, I can better understand the difficulties of local medical resources, and I deeply hope that I can seek solutions from the needs of local patients and assist in the treatment of various incurable diseases according to local conditions.

During the ceremony, the servicemen representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) accepted the banner awarded by MOFA an under-secretary Liu, and the banner of the flag was presented the official flag to unveil the prelude to the service of the servicemen. The servicemen recited the oath of courage, to try their best, study hard, and serve enthusiastically.

Since its inception in 2001, the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service is now in its 17th year, and a total of 1,265 servicemen have been dispatched, contributing to the work of foreign aid in Taiwan. There are have 109 servicemen have joined the team of TaiwanICDF and Group of Taiwan technical Mission. Many servicemen have become important members of the government and society. Taiwan Youth Overseas Service helps to engage talented youth in diplomatic work in Taiwan.

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