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Taiwan Assists Paraguay to Strengthen e-Health System

Taiwan Assists Paraguay to Strengthen e-Health System

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) and Cathay General Hospital have cooperated with the Government of Paraguay on the Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement Project since 2016. After developing and testing the health information system for more than two years, the project has successfully introduced the system in 23 selected health facilities in the country. With this system, the beneficiary health facilities can provide better quality and more efficient health services, and since the system was introduced, the number of patients has increased twofold. The system not only reduces patients’ waiting time, but also makes it more convenient for physicians to conduct consultation and manage patient information. More importantly, the government can receive accurate monthly health statistics reports from those facilities, helping it to address national health issues more quickly.

Before the introduction of the health information system, hospital staff would spend a lot of time on manual registration and search of paper-based medical records, greatly affecting the efficiency of medical services. As the health information system has vastly enhanced the quality of medical services and health facility management, the Paraguayan government has not only provided more equipment for system introduction, but also requested that the system be introduced in advance to the health facilities in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, which has the highest number of tertiary health facilities in the country.

Taiwan has extensive experience in health information system development, and many countries wish to adopt standardized and highly integrated medical management technologies. To date, the project has already achieved significant results. The Ministry of Health in Paraguay has requested continued collaboration to expand the system nationwide, and even to use the system to analyze health data to improve the accuracy of medical decisions. Therefore, the TaiwanICDF will continue to collaborate with Cathay General Hospital to assist our partner country towards the next step of e-health progress.

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  • Date:2018/11/7