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TaiwanICDF Hosts Seminar on Best Practices in International Health Care Assistance

Kaohsiung, Taiwan -- The TaiwanICDF continues to enhance cooperation with Taiwanese medics in order to improve the delivery of medical assistance to Taiwan's partner countries. As part of this process, the organization has organized a series of seminars, Best Practices in International Health Care Assistance, which focus on development issues in the health care sector. The first seminar was held in Kaohsiung on November 6 and will be followed by two further seminars in central and northern Taiwan.

Co-hosted by Chi Mei Medical Center, the November 6 seminar enjoyed the participation of medical personnel from Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, E-Da Hospital and Pingtung Christian Hospital, with discussion covering three major topics: training for medical human resources, the provision of health care, and partnerships for development. Participants used the occasion to share their experiences of previous development work and to give and receive advice. The TaiwanICDF relies on the strengths of the Taiwanese health care system to deliver its medical assistance, and has organized this series of seminars in order to integrate the know-how of those who cooperate in its overseas projects.

Taiwan has been providing medical assistance to overseas partners since dispatching a team of medics to Libya in 1962. Over the following years, further teams have offered assistance and clinical training in Liberia, Niger, Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso, Chad, Malawi, Swaziland and Sao Tome and Principe.

During this time, clinical standards and the quality of health care administration within Taiwan also continued to improve, to the point where Taiwan is now recognized a world leader in the sector. In order to harness Taiwan's medical human resources, integrate the strengths of government and civil society, and provide the best possible humanitarian assistance to the international community, the TaiwanICDF and a group of hospitals and medical institutions established the International Healthcare Cooperation Strategic Alliance (IHCSA) in 2006. By drawing on the medical human resources available through the IHCSA, the TaiwanICDF continues to dispatch short- and long-term medical missions to partner countries, while also inviting medics from partner countries to Taiwan to participate in training courses at IHCSA member-institutions.

The three-seminar series on Best Practices in International Health Care Assistance will allow colleagues from IHCSA member-institutions to refocus on core development issues and objectives, and allow the TaiwanICDF to build a more comprehensive platform of assistance mechanisms. The TaiwanICDF continues to enhance its operations across the international health care sector by integrating Taiwan's valuable medical human resources to better effect.

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  • Date:2010/11/6