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Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador Visits the TaiwanICDF

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador Visits the TaiwanICDF

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador, Hon. Orestes Ortez, and his spouse Mrs. Margarita Quintanar de Ortez, director general of the Salvador General Post Office, visited the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) on November 20, 2017.

TaiwanICDF Secretary General Amb. Timothy T.Y. Hsiang warmly welcomed Hon. Ortez and Mrs. Quintanar de Ortez. They exchanged views on the TaiwanICDF’s cooperation projects in El Salvador.

The TaiwanICDF’s ongoing projects in the country include the TaiwanICDF-CABEI Technological and Vocational Education and Training Student Loan Fund, CABEI-TaiwanICDF Fund for Consulting Service, TaiwanICDF TVET Technical Assistance Fund (TA Fund), Regional Lending Program for Coffee Rust in Central America, Strengthening the Control of Huanglongbing (HLB) and the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Citrus Project (Regional), Specialized Financial Intermediary Development Fund— Próspero Microfinanzas Fund, Specialized Financial Intermediary Development Fund—Extending Financial Services for Small Enterprises in El Salvador through Factoring (El Salvador), Local Characteristic Industries Development Project in El Salvador, Capability Enhancement in Using Geographic Information Systems in El Salvador, Establishment of Mariculture Center Project (El Salvador), Strengthening Aquaculture Development among Rural Families Project (El Salvador), Farmers’ Organization Marketing Capacity Enhancement Project (El Salvador), and Healthy Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Seedling Propagation Center Project (El Salvador). Under the scheme of the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service program, the TaiwanICDF also dispatches servicemen to assist with the implementation of projects.

To date, a total of 276 participants from El Salvador have received training from the TaiwanICDF’s professional workshops, and a total of 158 students from the country have received International Higher Education Scholarships and studied in Taiwan. To promote Chinese-language education and cultural exchanges, the TaiwanICDF has dispatched two professional Mandarin teachers to El Salvador to teach mandarin at several institutions, such as Universidad de El Salvador (UES), Institute for Higher Education Specialized Diplomatic Training (IEESFORD), and Universidad Catolica de El Salvador, among others,. since 2014.


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