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Taiwan's long-term response to the disaster-a task force to Haiti

A mission headed by Amb. Tao Wen-lung, Secretary General, arrived in Haiti over the past weekend to conduct a rapid assessment of the current situation, prior to the launch of Taiwan's long-term response to the earthquake of January 12.
With the reconstruction effort now beginning to take priority, this mission represents the first response of the newly established Haiti Reconstruction Planning Group (HRPG). The group's objective is to gather first-hand information so as to clarify specific details on local conditions, then maximize the benefits of future work that Taiwan conducts in its disaster-stricken partner country.
To date, the group has concluded that Haiti's most pressing needs cover four areas: medicine and public health; resettlement of homeless and internally displaced persons; vocational training and employment; and childcare, including possible adoption for orphaned children.
Secretary General Tao returns to Taiwan from Haiti on February 12, when he will brief TaiwanICDF staff and government officials. The HRPG will then formulate Taiwan's long-term plan for boosting the post-disaster reconstruction effort.

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  • Date:2010/2/9