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2017 TaiwanICDF professional workshops kick off

2017 TaiwanICDF professional workshops kick off

The 2017 International Human Resource Development Programs of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) kicked off in March with the Workshop on Rural Women’s Development and Workshop on the Promotion of "One Town, One Product" Projects.

The Workshop on Rural Women’s Development, which is being held from March 15 to 28 and attended by 28 participants from 20 countries, aims to share Taiwan’s experience in providing guidance to rural women with partner countries. The course includes an overview of rural women's development, enhancing self-awareness and economic empowerment. The workshop not only introduces the transformation of rural women’s role in Taiwan and government-oriented counseling policies, it also explores new ways to improve rural women's self-awareness and economic capacity. The TaiwanICDF hopes that participants will gain a better understanding of Taiwan’s experience in counseling services for the development of rural women so that it can serve as reference in their countries for promoting related policies in the future. Moreover, to improve their learning outcomes, the TaiwanICDF has also invited successful rural women entrepreneurs and local rural women groups to share their experiences with the participants.

The Workshop on the Promotion of "One Town, One Product" Projects is running from March 16 to 29. The primary objective of the workshop, attended this year by 22 participants from 18 countries, is for Taiwan to share successful experiences of developing distinctive local industries with its partner countries. By sharing Taiwan’s know-how for developing distinctive local industries – including the overall development process, the government’s approach to providing associated counseling, a range of cases studies and the technical aspects of upgrading products – the TaiwanICDF hopes to see participants drawing on Taiwan’s "One Town, One Product" development experience, employing related knowledge upon returning home, and ultimately raising socio-economic development in their own countries.

The purpose of the TaiwanICDF’s program of international workshops is to assist developing partner countries in planning and developing the policies and human resources required for their socio-economic development. In 2011, the organization began to phase in dedicated workshops designed specifically for global, regional and country-specific groups of participants. This year’s program will see around 350 participants take part in 16 workshops covering a range of development-related themes.

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