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TaiwanICDF and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Jointly Assist Belize in Building Prevention System for Chronic Diseases

TaiwanICDF and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Jointly Assist Belize in Building Prevention System for Chronic Diseases

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, and the government of Belize are jointly implementing the Project for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Renal Failure in order to build a prevention system for chronic renal failure disease in Belize, a partner country of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Assisted by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize, the Agreement on Cooperation in Public Health and Medical Skills and the above-mentioned project have been signed by H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho and Minister Pablo Marin, the representatives from the two countries, on February10, 2016.

According to statistic figures released by the Ministry of Health, Belize, the prevalence rate of obesity in Belize is over 60%, with over 30% of adults having either hypertension or diabetes, which contribute directly to the development of chronic renal failure disease. Belize currently has limited capacity in the prevention chronic disease, with no specialists in nephrology providing medical service in the country. Thus, the TaiwanICDF and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital have partnered to assist the Belize government to establish a prevention system by designing the project and investing resources. The project will include training programs for medical specialists and dialysis nurses based on Taiwan's experiences, as well as health promotion activities adapted to local culture and dietary habits and conferences related to chronic disease prevention.

Throughout the years, the TaiwanICDF has proactively responded to the needs of partner countries to assist them in improving their governmental healthcare system. In cooperation with hospitals and medical institutions in Taiwan, the TaiwanICDF has implemented various public health and medical projects with a focus on a number of specialized fields: maternal and infant health care; the prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases; the prevention of chronic diseases; and the expansion of health information systems. On the other hand, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has also expanded their efforts in recent years in international public health and medical assistance in correspondence with our national policy. Besides cooperating with the TaiwanICDF, it also dispatched a medical mission in October 2015 to provide ophthalmology, nephrology and ENT services in Belize, which have received positive feedback from the country, thereby also establishing a good foundation for the new project.

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  • Date:2016/2/26