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In order to encourage interaction among the TaiwanICDF scholarship students enrolled in its International Higher Education Scholarship Program at the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance’s (TICA) member universities, the TaiwanICDF holds the annual TICA CUP.

This year, the ninth TICA CUP will be held at Ming Chuan University in Taipei on November 22, 2015. The opening ceremony will be co-chaired by Ambassador Weber V.B. Shih, the Secretary General of TaiwanICDF, and Dr. Chuan Lee, the president of Ming Chuan University. More than 500 scholarship students that come from 35 different countries and are enrolled in 21 TICA universities will participate in this event.

This year’s TICA CUP consists of six fun competitions, including Tug of War, Centipede Walking, Team Super Relay Race, etc. Furthermore, the attending students will have the opportunity to share their creativity and the culture of their native countries through a special fashion show for which participants will display traditional or national attire on the runway. The TICA CUP aims to help students enhance their team spirit and their sense of belonging not only for their universities but also for TaiwanICDF.

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  • Date:2015/11/10