International Education and Training

Project Name: TaiwanICDF Alumni Society
Project Description: TaiwanICDF Alumni Society members make contributions to the development of their home countries by holding seminars, workshops and conferences related to the training they received in Taiwan. They also keep the TaiwanICDF and other colleagues in their regions informed of their achievements.

TaiwanICDF Alumni Society

Region: World Wide
Project Objectives: The TaiwanICDF Alumni Society is composed of people of who have participated in TaiwanICDF training and education programs in Taiwan and overseas, and other interested parties.
Executing Agency: TaiwanICDF
Implementation Arrangement: Each TaiwanICDF Alumni Society chapter has a president and a vice-president elected from among members for two-year terms. The president and vice-president are responsible for the affairs of the branch and for communicating with members. The major affairs and activities are as below:
  1. To hold seminars, forums or meetings of various kinds.
  2. To assist the Republic of China(Taiwan) manufacturers or business owners with consulting services and visiting activities.
  3. To arrange activities such as tours for visiting officials.
  4. To compile a members' directory.
  5. Other activities submitted to and approved by the TaiwanICDF.
    Current Progress: Execution
    Project Type: Technical Assistance—Workshop
    Projected Benefits: This Program's objectives are to sustain relationships and continued interaction among TaiwanICDF Alumni in all countries, TaiwanICDF personnel, and educational, cultural and governmental institutions in the Republic of China(Taiwan) and allied nations.
    Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
    Sector Item: Government and Civil Society
    Cooperating Country: Africa, Asia-Pacific, West and Central Asia, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Eastern Europe
    Project status: Projects under implementation
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