Department: Humanitarian Assistance
Project Name: Drought Relief in North Eastern Kenya - Phase 2
Project Description:

To continue the Phase 1 project, and besides the previous project contents, there are also several items in Phase 2 project:

  1. Target households have an increased asset base through immediate short-term employment and improved community and economic infrastructure.
  2. Target communities have rehabilitated and functioning water supply systems, appropriate sanitation facilities, and increased health and hygiene knowledge.

Drought Relief in North Eastern Kenya - Phase 2

Implementation Start Date: 2011/10/26
Implementation End Date: 2012/10/30
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF, Mercy Corps
Project Objectives: Improved ability of households and communities to cope with and recover from natural and man-made shocks.
Executing Agency: Mercy Corps
Implementation Arrangement:
  • Sector 1: Economic Recovery and Market Systems(EMRS)
  • Sector 2: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) : WASH activities will focus on repair and rehabilitation of current water sources, providing clean and safe water, building latrines, and offering hygiene education.
  • Sub-sector 2.1: Water Supply
    • Activity (1): Water Vouchers;
    • Activity (2): Fuel subsidies;
    • Activity (3): Provision of gensets and other spare parts;
    • Activity (4): Rehabilitation or construction of water storage facilities;
    • Activity (5): Water user association training;
    • Activity (6): Water quality testing and chlorination.
  • Sub-sector 2.2: Sanitation
    • Activity (1): Construction of latrines.
  • Sub-sector 2.3: Hygiene Promotion
    • Activity (1): Hygiene promotion trainings and campaigns conducted.
  • Sub sector 2.4 Environmental Health
    • Activity (1): Cleanup/ debris removal campaigns.
Project Contact: Mini Kao
Signing Date: 2011/10/26
Projected Benefits: Kenyan victims of the 2011 drought
Cooperating Stakeholders: Mercy Corps
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Water Supply and Sanitation
Cooperating Country: Kenya
Cooperating Organization: Mercy Corps
Project status: Completed projects
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