Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Bamboo Development Project (Haiti)
Project Description: This project will utilize bamboo to rebuild homes and protect the environment.

Overall, this project will:

  1. Promote the construction of bamboo houses in regions affected by the 2010 earthquake, helping survivors to rebuild their homes.
  2. Plant bamboo on riverbanks and other areas to protect the land.
  3. Promote other bamboo-related environmental protection measures.


Implementation Start Date: 2011/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2012/12/31
Source of Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
  1. Increase the area allocated to bamboo cultivation by extending growing areas along a 40 km stretch of riverside in Jacmel; plant 106,640 bamboo in the area, cultivate 170,000 bamboo seedlings and develop eight bamboo nurseries.
  2. Construct eight demonstration bamboo houses and provide technical training to 30 personnel involved in bamboo construction.
  3. Organize a bamboo construction team.
  4. Complete project transfer.
Executing Agency:
  1. Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Haiti
  2. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Development (MARNDR) (Republic of Haiti)
  3. Federation of Native Coffee Associations (FACN) (Republic of Haiti)
Implementation Arrangement: Members of the Taiwan Technical Mission will provide technical assistance and assistance for capacity building.
Current Progress:

To the end of 2012, the following activities have been completed: 

  1. Propagated 90,058 bamboo seedlings for a cumulative production of 90,000 seedlings in Marbelad, Jacmel and Makary, and promoted bamboo afforestation to support soil and water conservation: Selected two areas on riverbanks in Marmelade and Jacmel for planting bamboo for 9 km.

  2. Established 4 bamboo nursery grounds and planted 20,231 bamboo seedlings.

  3. Demonstration bamboo houses: completed the construction drawing design draft, foundation and walls of houses.

  4. Workshop on application of bamboo materials: Performed 3 demonstrations on the cultivation and utilization of bamboo, as well as the reproduction and planting of bamboo to support soil and water conservation measures in Jacmel.

  5. Completed the project transfer to the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development(MARNDR).

Project Contact: Hsiang Shui-sung
Phone: 509-28131356
E-mail: tm.haiti@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits: The project has raised production of bamboo seedlings by 8 percent. Moreover, the cost of building a bamboo house is US$3,000-3,200, which is similar to the cost of housing donated by other international organizations; however, bamboo housing constructed through the project is one-third larger and has a lifespan five times longer than equivalent housing.
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Haiti
Project status: Projects under implementation
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