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News From Overseas

Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize Demonstrates Rice Production for Farmers, Students

Source: PGTV,Love FM,The Reporter, Chinese Journal

Publication date: 100/11/24,12/06,12/09,12/11

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize

News Summary

Toledo rice farmers and student groups received a hands-on, practical demonstration of commercial rice seed production from members of the Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize at the Poppy Show Farm in Elridgeville, Toledo, last Friday, November 25.

In their bid to make the rice industry in Toledo district more sustainable, members of the Taiwan Technical Mission have for some time been transferring rice paddy irrigation technology on to farmers in the area with the help of the extension service at Toledo’s local Agriculture Department. Practicing better irrigation methods will allow for staggered production and should generate greater yields of higher quality rice, as well as allowing for timely harvesting.

Frank Lin, a Taiwanese rice specialist, demonstrated the type of work and support services provided by the technical mission. Meanwhile, students from Toledo Community College, Julian Cho Technical High School, ITVET and Tumul Ki’in showed particular interest when Mr. Lin used a combine to harvest rice from a five-acre plot that had been planted with a specific variety called Cardi-70.

The Taiwanese technicians went on to show assembled students how a 7.5-acre rice paddy, planted with a variety known as Cypress, was irrigated. They also demonstrated how flooded paddies can be properly prepared for planting using a tractor and gave them a tour of a separate 20-acre site, where irrigation supports the production of two successive rice crops. Farmers and students also learned how rainfall effects the growth and yield of different rice varieties in comparison to irrigated plots. The tractor, combine and other farm machinery used at the site have all been donated to Belize by the Taiwanese government.

Afterwards, Taiwan’s ambassador to Belize, H.E David Wu, explained Taiwan’s wish to share its agricultural technology and know-how with Belizean people. The Taiwan Technical Mission has been cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture to revitalize a project to produce commercial rice seed since 2008. Within a year of the project commencing, an initial 15-acre site had been rehabilitated, yielding two crops of commercial-grade rice seed.

In 2010, the mission went on to expand the site to 25 acres, adding a further 10 acres in 2011 to keep up with demand for seed throughout Toledo. As part of these expansion activities, the mission also built a new, 180,000-cu.-ft reservoir complete with drainage systems and culverts to irrigate nearby fields.

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