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News From Overseas

Clam Spats Transferred to Kiribati Government Hatchery

Source: Mauri, Kiribati Newstar

Publication date: 2011/11/25

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

News Summary

More than 10,000 young, giant clam spats were recently transferred from the Ambo Aquaculture station, operated by the Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati, to the government’s hatchery farm in Tanaea.

Director of the Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD), Mr. Beero Tioti, and Secretary from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Kiribati, Mr. W. N. Wang, witnessed the transfer.

“We sincerely appreciate the Taiwan Technical Mission’s assistance in the improvement of aquaculture propagation and associated techniques in the past few years,” Mr. Tioti said.

He said that through the project, he felt that the support of aquaculture techniques from outside was not only important for improving the development of aquaculture industry, but also for understanding Kiribati’s current shortcomings.

“Although the major objectives of our aquaculture program are in the development of milkfish culture for bait fish production in longline tuna fishing operations, it is exciting to see the successful establishment of commercial production techniques for giant clam spats. This transfer has boosted the number and varieties of marine life which we will use to promote and extend community farms for exporting to the aquarium market,” Mr. Tioti said.

According to Mr. Robert Chang, the officer in charge of the Aquaculture Project, it takes about two to three years for the giant clam spats to reach Kiribati’s standard market size of over 4cm.

“However, with scientific improvements in rearing techniques, using algae bloom as food for giant clams, we have been able to shorten the growth time to one year since two years ago,” Mr. Chang said.

Still, the successful story of giant clam culture was only a minor part of the Aquaculture Project, he said, adding that the Taiwan Technical Mission will continue to concentrate its long-term efforts on the breeding and propagation of milkfish in the near future.

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