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News From Overseas

Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati Hosts Home Garden Competition

Source: Mauri- Weekly Newspaper

Publication date: 2011/09/30

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

As part of their ongoing Horticulture Project, members of the Taiwan Technical Mission recently held a Home Garden Competition for nine community groups in and around Bikenibeu. Having received donations of cabbage, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin and papaya seedlings from Taiwanese specialists in August, the competition drew the best out of the teams – Bikenikua, 007, Mackenzi, Labour Line, Nei Kaue 1, Nei Kaue 2, Tewenei, Etanimakin and Bikenibeu – as they endeavored to win a range of prizes by planting the best home garden.

On the afternoon of October 27, a panel including Taiwanese horticultural specialists Mr. Daniel and Mr. Lee, and counterparts from the Agriculture Division at the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture, visited and judged each of the gardens created by the teams. Altogether, the judges spent four hours inspecting each of the gardens, which were graded on a range of criteria such as site selection, arrangement and spacing of bedding, plant health, pest control, pruning and training, and productivity.

At the end of their inspection tour, the judges collated their score sheets and calculated the final results, inviting all of the teams to a prize-giving ceremony at the Taiwan Technical Mission’s demonstration farm in Temaiku next morning, October 28.

During the awards ceremony, Mission Leader Wu, together with Mr. Lee, Mr. Daniel and their I-Kiribati colleague, Mr. Mamarau, presented prizes to every participant, explaining the reasoning behind their rankings and highlighting the best qualities of each of the teams. As well as generating interest and entertainment, the competition also proved to be a good way for participants to improve their planting skills in preparation for further group cooperation next year, when the Taiwan Technical Mission’s marketing scheme gets underway.

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