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News From Overseas

Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati Assists Farmers to Improve Fruit, Vegetable Production Techniques

Source: Mauri, Kiribati Newstar

Publication date: 2011/07/01

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

Two members of the Taiwan Technical Mission in Kiribati, technician Daniel Lee and assistant Huang Wen-ching, recently organized two workshops on Butaritari island as part of the mission’s Horticulture Project. The workshops, attended by 103 local farmers, covered new cultivation skills as well as composting techniques that focused on the best use of local materials, and concluded with the distribution of cabbage, tomato, cucumber, pepper, watermelon, pumpkin and papaya seedlings.

Speaking at the workshops, Daniel Lee said that Butaritari's abundant rainfall and fertile soils made it one of Kiribati’s more ideal locations for agricultural development.

These views received the backing of Ioakim Tooma, the mayor of Butaritari, who said that the wider project from the Taiwanese mission was helping communities to grow crops using new techniques, and encouraging people to produce healthy food. Tooma also noted that boosting production would allow local farmers to sell surplus produce on to Korean fishing boats, which regularly visit the islands.

In addition, Lee emphasized that the project would do more than just improve dietary habits or cultivate a wider range of produce for the local market. Participating farmers would also be able to improve their household income by selling high quality papaya and pumpkin at Kiribati’s main market in south Tarawa, he said.

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