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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Project for the Capacity Strengthening to Support the Incubation and Entrepreneurship for MIPYMEs (Guatemala)
Project Description: The main objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity to support incubation centers and to boost entrepreneurship, by means of integrating private, academic and government resources. The key aspects of the project consist of: 1. Generate an inventory of resources available from the government, academic and private sectors to propose a support ecosystem for MSMEs and entrepreneurs. 2. Train advisors/ consultants in a comprehensive manner to attend to MSMEs in incubation and entrepreneurs. 3. Establish an information platform in incubation linked to investors, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship and obtain investments. 4. Support the establishment of incubation centers. 5. Offer advice and technical assistance to incubation centers and individual clients.

Implementation Start Date: 2019/7/11
Implementation End Date: 2021/12/31
Project Objectives: 1. Support non-profit and academic institutions to establish 5 incubation centers.
(1) Conduct training through universities to train professional advisors on entrepreneurship and incubation issues with at least 60 trainees.
(2) Support the incubation centers to provide advice to 300 cases.
(3) Complete the planning report of the incubation centers in Guatemala with the objective that each center establishes its niche so as not to prevent resource overlap.
2. Match 9 cases to acquire investment funds.
(1) Establish a platform that promotes information on incubation, entrepreneurship and that help match investors and entrepreneurs.
(2) Hold at least 12 matching events to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining investment funds.
3. Support the Government of Guatemala to devise policies for incubation center development.
(1) Compile the guide for the establishment of incubation centers, in order to motivate universities and other potential institutions, to provide their facilities, available resources, trainers and technical resources for the cause.
(2) Develop the evaluation mechanism for incubation centers, with the aim of motivating them to improve their service based on the evaluation results.
(3) Prepare the annual analysis on the quality and efficiency of incubation centers, which serves as reference for management for the Ministry of Economy.
Executing Agency: 1. Ministry of Economy (MINECO), Guatemala
2. Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America
Current Progress: To the end of June 2020, the following activities have been completed:
1.Trained 18 consultants of 5 incubation centers.
2.5 incubation centers (Landivar, Da Vinci, CUNSURORI, KUTIK, ASORED) have recruited 100 entrepreneurs and assisted startup companies to develop.
3.Four reports were published: a. Guide for establishing the entrepreneurship incubation center;b. Manual for incubation center;c. Planning report of entrepreneurship incubation center for Guatemala and Mechanism of incentives for excellent entrepreneurship incubation centers.
4.Established the web site of promoting the entrepreneurship information and investment matchmaking.
5.Completed e-commerce training course and technical coaching from Taiwan short-term professional consultant.
Project Contact: CHIA-LING HO
Phone: +886-2-28732323 Ext.208
E-mail: c.li.ho@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits: Integrate public and private resources so that at the end of the project, more than 20% of the entrepreneurs or MIPYMES companies participating in this project are able to sustain themselves for more than three months.
Mission: Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Industry, Mining and Construction
Cooperating Country: Central America, Guatemala
Project status: Projects under implementation
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