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Press Releases

Eswatini youths willing to pay for well-reputed TVET training courses

Eswatini youths willing to pay for well-reputed TVET training courses

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), Eswatini College of Technology (ECOT) and Gwamile Vocational and Commercial Training Institute (VOCTIM) established the Up-skilling and Lifelong Training Scheme in September 2018. To date, there are 59 graduates from the eight short-term skills training courses. Even though the tuition fee, in some cases, exceeds the trainees’ monthly salaries, the youths are still eager to register for the courses, demonstrating that they recognize the importance of these courses to their career development.

To assist the Kingdom of Eswatini to cultivate a skilled workforce that meets the requirements of the labor market, the TaiwanICDF and Ministry of Education and Training, Kingdom of Eswatini, have implemented the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Enhancement Project (Project) in Eswatini since December 2016. The workshop and laboratory facility, curriculum design and teaching quality at the ECOT and the VOCTIM have been improved. The Project has been focusing on improving the teachers’ capacity to deliver the knowledge and skills that meet the demands of the industry.

The TaiwanICDF is expanding the Project’s activities to the informal vocational training system through the Up-skilling and Lifelong Training Scheme. Operated under a profit system, the remaining surplus income of this scheme will be used to pay the maintenance fees for equipment and facility in the selected laboratories and workshops.

The TaiwanICDF, in the near future, will design and hold advanced on-the-job training courses to increase access for Eswatini people to lifelong learning opportunities, as well as boost the number of well-trained technicians who are one of critical factors for the upgrading and development of the Eswatini industry.

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  • Date:2019/7/30