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Press Releases

President of Honduras praises Taiwan Youth Overseas serviceman for his work on market analysis of Honduras’ avocados

President of Honduras praises Taiwan Youth Overseas serviceman for his work on market analysis of Honduras’ avocados

Taiwan Youth Overseas Service has always been a popular choice for young men. The servicemen not only gain more life experience through the service, but also demonstrate their capabilities and enthusiasm to partner countries through their work in the cooperation projects. Shih-Ching Yeh, a serviceman of the 18th group with a background in agricultural economy and promotion, is currently using his expertise to improve the management efficiency of avocado seedlings in Honduras and has presented a research report about the feasibility of exporting fresh fruit from Honduras to Europe and America. The report greatly impressed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Honduras and was presented at the meeting of Central American Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and Animals. The report was praised by President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who stated that it will serve as a strategic reference for Honduras to promote export of avocado in the future. Yeh was selected as excellent serviceman by the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan for his outstanding performance.

“Being a serviceman not only lets me use my expertise to assist with projects overseas, including conducting surveys on industry, collecting market supply prices and assisting in the development of potential markets; this opportunity also allows me to meet many domestic and foreign agricultural experts, and to learn from them and increase my knowledge,“ said Yeh.

At present there are eight servicemen stationed in Honduras. Besides Yeh, there are also Tung-Hsuan Li, who studied Spanish; Po-Wen Tu and Li-Cheng Tang, who are specialized in livestock; Chia-Yen Lin, with background in forestry; Hou-Ho Lin, who is skilled in agriculture, Yun-Chieh Tuan, with expertise in veterinary science, and Po-Ying Lee, who is skilled in agricultural economy and promotion expertise. They are assisting in the Healthy Avocado Seedling Production Project,
Healthy Seed Potato Production Project, Forest Pest Management Project and Pig Breeding and Reproduction Project. Each serviceman applied their own expertise and also engaged in team work, proudly representing Taiwan in their achievements and creating memorable experiences for themselves.

More details on the work and life of servicemen can be found on the TaiwanICDF’s official Facebook page.

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  • Date:2019/5/30