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Press Releases

Working with domestic tourism industry to assist allied countries to promote sustainable zero waste tour

Working with domestic tourism industry to assist allied countries to promote sustainable zero waste tour

At present, there are about 1.2 billion international tourists every year in the world. Tourism is one of the most important driving forces in the global economy and is a crucial sector for developing countrieswhich lack manufacturing industries. The International Cooperation and Development Foundation (TaiwanICDF) conducted a Workshop on Ecotourism Promotion from March 13 to March 26 this year, to share the knowledge on how to generate income and maintain environmental sustainability through ecotourism promotion with our allied countries.

Participants in this workshop were from the Pacific Ocean with abundant marine resources, the bright Caribbean Sea, and Central America with mysterious Mayan culture. By sharing the experience of Taiwan in managing natural resources and reviving cultural history, it is expected to assist developing countries to establish a sustainable approach to travelling that respects the natural environment, the cultural and subsistence rights of local residents, while ensuring that tourism revenues can be returned to local communities to maintain the integrity of the landscape and ecology.

During the workshop, representatives from domestic travel industry introduced how Taiwan promotes sustainable coastal tourism in combination with local communities. In addition, Japanese lecturers shared the successful case of ecotourism in Palau. As part of the workshop, participants were asked to design their own tour which can be used by their local travel agencies. This training will not only help the participants to promote ecotourism after returning to their countries, but also provide reference for Taiwan’s industries and boost opportunities for Taiwanese companies in the international market, echoing the policy of economic and trade diplomacy to grow together with our allied countries.

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  • Date:2019/3/8