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Department: Humanitarian Assistance
Project Name: Central Sulawesi Earthquake WASH Support Program (Indonesia)
Project Description: On September 28, 2018, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, also triggering a devastating tsunami. The disaster has caused severe damage on water supply systems; therefore, the affected households have confronted water supply crisis. In addition, the loss of houses also means the loss of toilets, which leads to open defecation and sanitation problem. To address above mentioned issues, the project aims to assist the affected households in 3 sub districts, Sigi-Biromaru, Gumbasa and Dolo Selatan, in Sigi district by meeting their basic water and sanitation needs.
Overall, the project includes the following:
1. 8 clean water sources/sites are constructed or rehabilitated.
2. 1,000 households have filtration equipment for potable water.
3. 100 communal latrines are constructed.
4. 1,000 households in 3 sub-districts have a strong understanding of how to maintain personal and public health related to water and sanitation.

Implementation Start Date: 2019/2/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/10/31
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF
Project Objectives: The earthquake and tsunami affected households in the target area are meeting their basic water and sanitation needs and are able to turn their attention to rebuilding their lives and livelihoods.
Executing Agency: Mercy Corps
Implementation Arrangement: The TaiwanICDF dispatches one volunteer to assist in the implementation of the project during the 9 months; Mercy Corps implements the proposed activities and liaises with local government units and stakeholders.
Current Progress: To the end of April 2019, the following activities have been completed:
1.Completed water and sanitation needs assessment of 52 villages and selected 10 villages as project’s target villages.
2.Established community-based water management, hygiene promotion and latrine construction committees in 10 villages.
3.Completed 1,000 water filtration equipment procurements which will be distributed in the next quarter.
Project Contact: Jiajeng Ju
Phone: 02-28732323 ext. 309
E-mail: j.j.ju@icdf.org.tw
Cooperating Stakeholders: Mercy Corps
Sector: Humanitarian Aid
Sector Item: Reconstruction Relief and Rehabilition
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Indonesia
Cooperating Organization: Mercy Corps
Project status: Projects under implementation
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