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Management Personnel

ChairmanDavid T. W. Lee
Secretary GeneralTimothy T. Y. Hsiang
Deputy Secretary GeneralLee Pai-po
Deputy Secretary GeneralChen Ai-chen
Auditor General, Auditing OfficeAlex L.J. Shyy
Director, Humanitarian Assistance DepartmentWang Hung-tzu
Director, Technical Cooperation DepartmentYen Ming-hong
Director, Lending and Investment DepartmentHsu Hui-wen
Director, International Education and Training DepartmentStephen J.H. Lee
Director, General Affairs DepartmentKuo Mei-yun
Director, Research, Development and Evaluation OfficeTseng Yun-ching
Director, Accounting OfficeLan Chou-sheng
Director, Financial Affairs OfficeCalvin K. Yin
Director, Public Relations OfficeYvonne T.S. Wu
Director, Human Resource OfficeTsai Shiang-wu
Director, Legal Affairs OfficeCatherine C.C. Chou

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