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Departments and Offices

Humanitarian Assistance Department

  • Plans and manages international cooperation in the health care sector
  • Plans, manages and operates overseas medical missions
  • Plans and manages humanitarian assistance activities
  • Plans and manages the TaiwanICDF Overseas Volunteers service

Technical Cooperation Department

  • Plans and manages the operations of overseas technical missions
  • Plans and manages commissioned projects
  • Plans and manages the Taiwan Youth Overseas Service

Lending and Investment Department

  • Identifies, prepares, appraises, implements and supervises investment projects
  • Identifies, prepares, appraises, implements and supervises lending projects
  • Performs financial planning, operations and capital allocation duties

International Education and Training Department

  • Appraises, implements and evaluates International Higher Education Programs
  • Appraises, implements and evaluates International Education Programs
  • Appraises, implements and evaluates International Workshops
  • Promotes, manages and evaluates the TaiwanICDF Alumni Society

General Affairs Department

  • Oversees procurement
  • Oversees the organization’s document management system, file system, library and official stamps
  • Performs cashier duties, real estate and office management, and other general administrative duties
  • Plans and manages hardware and software architecture
  • Plans and maintains information systems
  • Plans and implements information security policies

Research, Development and Evaluation Department

  • International Cooperation and Development Strategies and Operational Planning, Coordination and Integration
  • Organizational Level and Project-level Performance Evaluation Operations
  • International cooperation strategic partnerships development and fund raising
  • Plans and administers the organization’s knowledge management system
  • International Cooperation and Development Strategies pilot study

Accounting Office

  • Compiles and is responsible for annual budgets and final financial statements
  • Prepares interim and annual financial statements
  • Allocates expenditures and disburses funds, handles bookkeeping and maintains statistical data

Public Relations Office

  • Manages public relations and external communications
  • Oversees production of publications and public relations events

Human Resource Office

  • Plans and manages human resources
  • Oversees personnel regulations and manuals
  • Plans and manages comprehensive services relating to the professional work of staff at the organization

Auditing Office

  • Conducts special enquiries on, and follows progress of, key activities as well as project implementation procedures
  • Plans and conducts annual auditing operations
  • Follows up on key resolutions of the Board of Directors

Legal Affairs Office

  • Provides research and consulting services for legal affairs
  • Drafts, examines and reviews contracts
  • Compiles, prints and organizes internal regulations and contracts

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