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Humanitarian Assistance

Project Name: Sigi-Biromaru Livelihood Support Program(Indonesia)
Project Description: On September 28, 2018, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, also triggering a devastating tsunami. The disaster has caused tremendous damage on agricultural land, irrigation systems and agriculture tools; the livelihoods of local farmers are jeopardized. Therefore, the project aims to assist the earthquake affected families by improving access to livelihood recovery.
Overall, the project will:
1. construct shallow water wells to support the agricultural recovery.
2. remove earthquake debris from affected farming land and conduct plantation preparation through Cash-for-Work (CfW) programme.
3. improve farmers' access to agriculture inputs and technical assistance.

Implementation Start Date: 2018/12/24
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/23
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF
Project Objectives: The earthquake and tsunami affected families in the target area have improved access to livelihood recovery.
Executing Agency: World Vision
Implementation Arrangement: The TaiwanICDF dispatches one to two experts to assist in the implementation of the project during the 12 months; Wahana Visi Indonesia implements the proposed activities and liaises with local government units and stakeholders; World Vision Taiwan assists in the supervision of the project.
Current Progress: To the end of March 2019, the following activities have been completed:
1.Selected the locations for a total of 50 shallow wells and completed construction of 22 shallow wells.
2.Utilize 500 CfW equipment and heavy equipment provided by Sigi Agriculture Department for uneven land to clean a total of 70 ha of agricultural land.
3.Purchased seven hand tractors; the Procurement Unit completed the vendor assessment in Palu and Sigi.
4.The soil consultant from Taiwan was dispatched to Palu and conducted activities in Lolu village. The Farmer Field School training activity was held on March 26-29.
5.The first batch of CfW(234HH) have received payment through the Last Mile Mobile System.
Project Contact: Richard Hung
Phone: 02-28732323 ext. 315
E-mail: richard.hung@icdf.org.tw
Project Type: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Cooperating Stakeholders: World Vision
Sector: Humanitarian Aid
Sector Item: Reconstruction Relief and Rehabilition
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Indonesia
Cooperating Organization: World Vision
Themes: Agriculture
Project status: Projects under implementation
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