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Press Releases

Youth overseas serviceman in Palau shows talent in English and Japanese translation

Youth overseas serviceman in Palau shows talent in English and Japanese translation

Serviceman Yi-Chun Lai, who graduated from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of National Taiwan University, is currently stationed in the Horticulture and Nutrition Enhancement Project of Taiwan Technical Mission in Palau. In addition to assisting in the cultivation and pest and disease control of fruits and vegetables, he gave full play to his English and Japanese language skills to make the promotion of the demonstration farm smoother.

The demonstration farm of Taiwan Technical Mission works with local travel agencies and is visited daily by tourists from all over the world. Lai, who has been to Japan as an exchange student and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 grade, was praised for his performance as a guide to Japanese tourists and his knowledge of all kinds of fruit and vegetable gardening on the demonstration farm.

In addition, while working there, Lai was impressed by visitors from the Palau Tourist Association (PTA) who offered the idea of promoting local attractions. This is different from the general local tourist associations, most of which always focus on Palau's sea trip. When PTA’s international membership group from the United States visited the demonstration farm, Lai was happy to present the activities implemented by Taiwan Technical Mission in fluent English, such as the campus farm, farmers’ market, nutrition enhancement activities, and the various kinds of cooperation with Palau Taiwan Farmers Association (PTFA).

The efforts and achievements of the Taiwan Technical Mission, through guided tour and translation by Lai, were highly affirmed by the visiting team of PTA, which further reported the contributions of the Taiwan Technical Mission to Palau. Lai is honored to be able to make good use of his English and Japanese language skills, and to stand on the front line of diplomacy to promote Taiwan's technical cooperation results. He hopes to let more people in the world know about Taiwan's efforts and achievements in international aid work by translating the Taiwan Technical Mission's project materials into English and Japanese before concluding his service.

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  • Date:2017/2/21