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Press Releases

Students prepare taro products for National Day Celebration

Students prepare taro products for National Day Celebration

In line with the Palau government’s goal to promote taro as the main staple food, the TaiwanICDF has dispatched Taiwanese experts to Palau to conduct food processing workshop, teaching local people to make taro-derived products. It is hoped that boosting the economic value of taro will help revive its popularity in Palau and increase the diversity of tourism products.

To date, the Taiwan Technical Mission in Palau has successively conducted three trainings with more than 60 participants. Bread, ice cream, pasta, buns and biscuits were taught in the workshop and all received great response from local people. In order to increase the visibility of this project, the products made by participants of the workshop in October were served at the dinner party of the National Day Celebration. The students prepared different taro products for the guests, including taro bread, biscuits, cakes and taro coconut milk tapioca. The different types of products displayed during the event not only showed the diversity of this root crop, but also received praise from all the guests.

To strengthen the effectiveness of the project, the Taiwan Technical Mission will hold an advanced workshop on French dessert from November 12th to 13th. Staff of local restaurants and bakeries will be invited to the workshop. We hope to strengthen the ability of Palauan people to produce high-quality desserts, attracting tourists to buy them and turning taro desserts into a hit product in Palau.

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  • Date:2018/11/22