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Press Releases

Locally produced fruit and vegetables in Tuvalu bring color to the coral reef islands

Locally produced fruit and vegetables in Tuvalu bring color to the coral reef islands

C.Y. Liu and C.S. Tsai, members of the 17th group of Taiwan Youth Overseas Service, graduated from Horticulture Department of National Chung Hsing University and Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation Department of National Pintung University of Science and Technology, respectively. With their skills and knowledge, both of them were dispatched to Tuvalu to assist in the Horticulture Expand Project of Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) in October 2017. The Embassy of ROC (Taiwan) and the TTM were full of praise for their work performance.

Due to constraints on water resources and lack of a stable supply of fruit and vegetables, people in Tuvalu are not used to eating fresh produce. To improve the health of the people and to develop local agricultural production, Liu and Tsai experimented with heat resistant varieties to increase the yield of fruit and vegetables in the farms on the islands of Funatuti and Vaitupu. In addition, they assisted TTM’s technicians to conduct a farmers market on a regular basis, which provided various agricultural products for households and schools, and to edit the tomato and papaya plantation manuals for farmers to achieve better field management. Those manuals are also helpful to TTM technicians’ daily operations. Furthermore, they promoted healthy eating concepts in the local areas, which may contribute to lowering the incidence of non-communicable diseases.

Aside from work, Liu and Tsai also took an interest in issues of climate change and land development. They actively participated in an event of mangrove rehabilitation held by an international organization. By increasing plantation, it is expected that the impact on soil loss caused by the rising sea level could be eliminated. Liu and Tsai said they are so lucky that they can put into practice what they have learnt in class. Not only did they gain a broader view of the world, they also improved their language and work skills. Their fruitful experience of international foreign aid and wonderful memories of working with Tuvalu people and TTM technicians will stay with them long after the completion of their service terms.


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  • Date:2018/6/27