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Press Releases

18th group of servicemen from Taiwan Youth Overseas Service gets ready to join Taiwan’s technical cooperation projects

18th group of servicemen from Taiwan Youth Overseas Service gets ready to join Taiwan’s technical cooperation projects

Just as the 17th group of 86 servicemen return to Taiwan with memories and experiences of their time overseas, the 18th group of 70 servicemen is receiving intensive professional training courses planned by the TaiwanICDF for a period of four weeks. These servicemen will be dispatched to 18 friendly countries to assist in Taiwan’s technical and medical cooperation projects in October this year.

The 18th group of servicemen have been chosen for their different specialties, including agronomy, horticulture, aquaculture, livestock, veterinary, forest, plant disease, food processing, agricultural economics, medicine and public health, nutrition, computer science, human resources management, industrial design and environmental engineering.

The TaiwanICDF planned training courses to equip the draftees with the skills they will need during their service, including language (English, French or Spanish) and some basic knowledge of international affairs such as Taiwan’s current diplomatic situation, policies of diplomatic relations, international cooperation projects and models, international etiquette, and marketing.

In addition, the TaiwanICDF also planned courses in cross-cultural communication, disease prevention, cooking, and self-defense to improve their self-care capabilities.

The Taiwan Youth Overseas Service combines many advantages of life overseas, giving draftees a chance to put their education to use and to broaden their perspective. Recruitment for the service therefore attracts many young men every year.

During the service period, these youths can contribute their expertise to Taiwan’s technical cooperation projects, while at the same time also enriching their personal insights and advancing citizen diplomacy.

Although the number of servicemen in Taiwan has decreased with the change in military service policy, the results of overseas service have received widespread recognition.

The TaiwanICDF will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fight for the number of overseas servicemen in the future, and also cooperate with domestic colleges and universities to provide overseas internship opportunities to students, and continue to cultivate excellent foreign talents for Taiwan.

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  • Date:2018/9/20