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Press Releases

Youth Vocational Training Project for Latin America kicks off

Youth Vocational Training Project for Latin America kicks off

In response to the government’s policy of steadfast diplomacy, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) held the 2018 Youth Vocational Training Project for Latin America. Two sessions of short, intensive training were organized this year in Taiwan with classes taught in Spanish for the youths from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Paraguay.

The first session was held in cooperation with Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch of the Ministry of Labor’s Workforce Development Agency from July 24 to October 5. A total of 39 participants were enrolled in the training, which includes classes on ‘Creative Wood Production’, ‘Mobile Phone Repair and APP Design and Programming’ and ‘Computer-aided Mechanical Manufacturing’. Representatives of the embassies attended the closing ceremony, where stylish furniture and woodwork accessories made by students of the Creative Wood Production class were displayed. Those from the Mobile Phone Repair and APP Design and Programming class showed how to use an app program they designed with a built-in anti-theft function. Participants of the Computer-aided Mechanical Manufacturing’ class used 3D parts processing skills of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine to showcase all kinds of novel metal products. Furthermore, the participants also used a homemade wooden box drum to carry out a creative music show. The outstanding performance of the participants during their studies in Taiwan and the achievements of the training program impressed the guests.

Building on the effectiveness of the first session, the TaiwanICDF held classes on ‘Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning (including electrical and plumbing services)’ and ‘Motor Vehicle Mechanics’ in collaboration with Kun Shan University from October 3 to December 14 for a total of 43 participants. The TaiwanICDF hopes to use the professional competence and teaching experience of Taiwan’s universities to build the skills of these young people from afar, so that they can assist with the social and economic development of their home countries upon their return.

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  • Date:2018/11/2