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Press Releases

Starting from young age to improve eating habits in Kiribati

Starting from young age to improve eating habits in Kiribati

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) collaborated with KGV & EBS high school on gardening and establishing a new curriculum, ‘From Farm to Table’, which includes horticulture and nutrition courses. The TaiwanICDF led KGV & EBS students to apply the skills they learned from class and put them to use by making and selling healthy lunchboxes to the public. This activity not only made the students realize the importance of teamwork, but also allowed them to better understand the concepts of nutrition.

World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the average consumption of vegetables and fruits of Kiribati is less than one serving size and “insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables” has been listed as one of the risk factors of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In Kiribati, imported vegetables and fruits are pricy and local production has been constrained by soil salinization and limited water resources. To increase the people’s consumption of vegetables and fruits and improve their health, the TaiwanICDF together with the Kiribati government initiated the Nutrition Enhancement Project. The project assists in the production of fruits and vegetables and provides them to the cooperating schools and Central Hospital to improve the people’s diet and health.

This year, the TaiwanICDF collaborated with KGV & EBS of Kiribati to set up campus gardens and gardening and nutrition courses to teach students about crop cultivation and nutrition. In August, the TaiwanICDF conducted an activity where students can apply the knowledge they have learnt to make healthy lunchboxes and sell them to the public as one of the training courses involving cooking skills, balancing nutrients, analyzing costs, and marketing. This activity was a first-time experience for students in Kiribati whereby they sell healthy lunchboxes that use produce from the school gardens and apply their cooking skills. The principal of KGV & EBS not only praised the performance of the students, but also showed high appreciation of the assistance from the TaiwanICDF and expressed hope that the lunchbox activity will continue.

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  • Date:2018/9/27