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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: ICT Technical Cooperation Project (Belize)
Project Description: During 2010, the project is focusing on the following operations:
  1. Establishing an appropriate team structure and recruiting personnel for the handover of the project to Belizean stakeholders.
  2. Completing a detailed transfer plan and drafting operational regulations and rules for the National ICT Center.
  3. Realizing government key performance indicators (KPI) associated with e-government policy.

ICT Technical Cooperation Project (Belize)

Implementation Start Date: 2006/6/26
Implementation End Date: 2012/12/31
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Communications/ICT
Cooperating Country: Central America, Belize
Project status: Completed projects
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  • Date:2010/12/31
  • Date Updated:2018/8/29