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Kingdom of Eswatini
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Kingdom of Eswatini

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Eswatini Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) Development Project
Project Description: Currently, the Kingdom of Eswatini lacks a “systemized” and “digitized information” processing mechanism. Documents and records are still processed in hard-copies and managed manually. Under such circumstances, Government information flow is frequently lost in the delivery process, and also very difficult to manage and track. As a result, Government administration is inefficient, the quality of Government service is poor and administration does not synchronize with management.This project aims to improve Government information processing, promote the development of electronic document and record management and archiving in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Implementation Start Date: 2016/4/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/31
Project Objectives: This project is expected to help the Eswatini Government achieve 100% utilization rate of the information processing mechanism and digital document processing system. (Ministry of ICT, the Cabinet and the Royal Swaziland Police)
Executing Agency: Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology in the Kingdom of Eswatini
Current Progress: To the end of March 2018, the following activities have been implemented:
1. Conducted two EDRMS Concept Workshops;
2.Conducted a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Workshop;
3.Analyzed the Government official document workflow process;
4. Conducted the Ministry of ICT ISO 27001 Compliance Gap Analysis Report;
5. Conducted Eswatini e-Government Development Roadmap Report;
6. Conducted Eswatini Government ICT Current Status Report;
7.Held training workshops for e-government, information security and e-document. The aggregated number of trainees is 458; and
8.Begaun to the work of constructing the public key infrastructure (PKI) in targarted governmental angecies.
Project Contact: Sophia Jan
Phone: 886-2-28732323 ext.226
E-mail: jan_sophia@icdf.org.tw
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Kingdom of Eswatini
Cooperating Country: Eswatini
Project status: Projects under implementation
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  • Date Updated:2018/7/5