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Press Releases

TaiwanICDF Supports Green Finance with EBRD

TaiwanICDF Supports Green Finance with EBRD

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) has partnered with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to promote the green transition in Central and Eastern European Countries. A loan was offered to UniCredit Bank Romania SA, the second participating financial intermediary under the Romania Green Energy Financing Facility, on December 20, 2017.

Combating climate change and moving towards a low-emission and climate-resilient society has become a main concern across the globe. Joining in with the international community, the TaiwanICDF has ensured that its projects include a “green” component. With the same aim, EBRD and the TaiwanICDF, through their extensive collaboration, are scaling up their cooperation in promoting carbon reduction and climate resilience projects.

EBRD unveiled its Green Economy Transition (GET) approach in 2015, targeting an increased green investment in the years to come. The Green Economy Financing Facilities, a measure to address multiple market barriers to financing green technologies, was scaled up to include sustainable resources and climate resilience projects. The facility combines technical knowledge with finance to help clients invest in high performing technologies. It successfully draws on the expertise and experience of EBRD, and the technical assistance and concessional financing resources provided by multi- and bilateral development partners such as the EU and Green Climate Fund. Having previously worked with EBRD in green infrastructure investment, the TaiwanICDF is now joining hands with EBRD to provide green financing to the residential and corporate sectors for their green investment.

The Romania Green Economy Financing Facility is a framework designed to help Romanian households invest in energy efficient and renewable energy solutions. Loans will be provided via local partner banks. In addition, advisory services are available to help participating financial institutions and their clients enhance their market practices. The facility will facilitate the availability of green products, and eventually result in a change in consumer behavior to choose more environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. It was successfully launched in 2017, with the Banca Transilvania being the first partner bank which has successfully offered green financing products to the market.

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  • Date:2018/1/3