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Press Releases

Tuvalu Prime Minister Praises Local Farmers’ Market Organized by Taiwan Youth Overseas Servicemen

Tuvalu Prime Minister Praises Local Farmers’ Market Organized by Taiwan Youth Overseas Servicemen

In order to improve local farmers’ fruit and vegetable cultivation skills, Taiwan Technical Mission in Tuvalu has implemented the Horticultural Crop Development Project in the country since 2011, where it established a friendship farm to demonstrate production. Furthermore, to raise awareness on the importance of eating vegetables, the mission has regularly held a farmers’ market to showcase the farm’s high-quality produce to local people. Draftees Chih-Liang Hung and Chun-Hsiu Yu of Taiwan Youth Overseas Service have been instrumental in the success of the market.

The characteristic of the market lies in its registration system. People in Tuvalu who want to buy vegetables have to register in advance and each person is limited to one box of produce. Currently, the registration list can top nearly 300 people every week. The amount of vegetables sold will depend on local weather and the quantity produced, averaging around 300 to 700 kilograms each week. Depending on the number of people waiting onsite and based on their previous experience, Chih-Liang and Chun-Hsiu will adjust the number and type of vegetable to put in each box, ensuring that everyone can have access to a wide variety of produce.

Thanks to the draftees’ efforts, the sales activities have not only been able to attract more crowds to the market, but also prompted local farmers to bring their own produce in order to join in on the fun. The vegetables at the market are usually sold to hotels, B&Bs, caterers and local people. Even H.E. Enele Sopoaga, Prime Minister of Tuvalu, who visited the market twice, was lavish with his praise for the spectacular event.

Chun-Hsiu says that holding the market has not only allowed him to put his skills into practice, but also sharpened his reflexes and adaptability to different situations. What makes him even happier though, is how the experience shared by Taiwan Technical Mission has helped to improve Tuvalu’s agricultural production and sales. For the remainder of his service, Chun-Hsiu hopes that he can do his best to make the market even better and more diversified.

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  • Date:2017/7/31