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Press Releases

TaiwanICDF International Cooperation and Development Summer Camp: Putting Theory into Practice

Taipei, Taiwan — In an era of globalization, cooperation between countries has become an enduring trend; the pursuit of common prosperity is now a shared objective for the world. In order to promote this ideal and enhance young students’ understanding of international development and cooperation, and to promote greater interaction between Taiwanese and international students, the TaiwanICDF will be hosting an International Cooperation and Development Summer Camp at China Youth Corps’ Chientan Youth Activity Center from August 26-28.

The camp opens Thursday with a course in Theory and Concepts in International Cooperation and Development, giving participants an overview of contemporary trends in the field, and associated practices. Following this, an Introduction to the TaiwanICDF will familiarize students with the work of Taiwan’s dedicated national development agency, and its core operational focuses: lending and investment, technical cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and international education and training.

Through a series of group discussions and case studies covering public health, agricultural development and human resource development, trainees will then gain practical experience of a range of notable development issues. A combination of theory and practice will introduce students to the key themes of ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results and mutual accountability, which are fundamental to the successful design and implementation of modern development programs.

The role of Taiwan’s partners in the development process will be also be explored during a session on Sharing Partners’ Experience, with overseas participants being invited to offer opinions from the point of view of recipient countries — that is, countries in receipt of development assistance. A session on The Role of Civil Society in International Cooperation and Development will then explore the part that NGOs and public organizations play in the development process. This session will offer suggestions on how students can seek further opportunities for engagement in future, hoping to inspire students to make a career out of issues relating to international cooperation and development.

In addition to the specialized courses offered by the TaiwanICDF, Thursday’s program will include introductory sessions on Team-building Skills and Communication and Coordination led by staff at China Youth Corps. Professional training should promote team communication and build mutual understanding and trust for the remainder of the camp.

The TaiwanICDF believes that promoting joint activities between overseas and local students is the right approach to deepening students’ knowledge, in combination with a curriculum that balances theory with discussion and group practice. Providing such opportunities for mutual exchange is one means by which the TaiwanICDF aims to promote the benefits of international cooperation and development — and, ultimately, to champion a better future for all.

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  • Date:2010/8/26