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Press Releases

ICDF Deputy Secretary General Attends Anniversary Ceremony in the Solomon Islands

ICDF Deputy Secretary General Shih-chieh Laio visited the Solomon Islands on March 22, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Agro-Technical Cooperation between the Solomon Islands and the Republic of China.

Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1983, the two countries have signed various technical cooperation agreements. The technical mission, with the support of the Government of the Solomon Islands, has successfully implemented all of these agreements. Its operations, now covering all nine provinces on the islands, has achieved remarkable results in rice growing and vegetable and melon planting. The ICDF continues to assist the Solomon Islands with food security and poverty alleviation projects.

On the instructions of ROC Ambassador to the Solomon Islands, P.Y. Teng, the technical mission held an exhibit demonstrating the successes of agricultural technical cooperation. This is being held in conjunction with the Republic of China - Solomon Islands Friendship Week.

In 2002, 2700 farm households have benefited from rice production programs, another 415 from the establishment of distribution and promotion mechanisms. In addition, 1338 farmers have participated in workshops and training programs on farm production.

''We can take pride in these past accomplishments and build upon them ,'' Liao told dignitaries at the formal ceremony.

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  • Date:2003/3/26